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WENESCO AUTOSLIDE 6A is a complete Wave Solder System for soldering circuit boards and other assemblies, not exceeding 6-in. square.

This compact bench mounted machine, utilizing a motor driven programmable slide conveyor, is designed to solder up to 100 boards per hour .


1. The pcb is placed into the adjustable board holder on the slide conveyer 
The conveyer is started using the remote control 
The slide conveyor will transport the board through the flux, preheat and wave solder  to the end position 
The soldered board is removed, and using the remote control, the slide is returned to the start position.

DIMENSIONS:  36 in wide, 24 in deep, 22 in high


This system requires 2000 W. Select 120 or 240V

SLIDE RAIL:MODEL SR19  permits programming speed and direction. Speed may be set to change within a measured zone. You can set the speed slower when the pcb is over the preheater if you need more heat.

WAVE SOLDER POT:MODEL M04E2, for lead-free solder and other alloys. A digital thermostat controls the temperature up to 320C. The 6 x 1 in wave is variable from 0 to .250 in high . The pot holds 65 lbs solder.

RADIANT PREHEATER:MODEL PMX66 is controlled with a variable silicone rectifier (SCR)

FOAM FLUXER:MODEL C79-6 is made from 304 stainless steel. The foam head is 6 x 2 in. Foam is controlled with an air pressure regulator.



Nitrogen Inerted wave solder pot. 


Custom made solder nozzles and fixturing  


PLC for slide rail which will permit a wide selection of new functions  


Longer slide rail to accommodate boards up to 6x12 in

And More

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