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Model M130A 

This versatile wave type soldering system, as shown, lets you desolder and resolder diodes on 3G and 6G stators, 75 and 130 amps  Change the tooling and you can solder stator leads as well

The soldering process is only 10 seconds with no operator skills required.  First flux the leads with a brush or spray, place the stator or rectifier on the fixture, press the foot pedal and all the leads are soldered in one automatic time cycle.

Solder temperature is controlled with a digital thermostat, which displays current temperature and set point.

Model M130A operates on 120 or 240V single phase   Use 60-40 solder or lead free solder.
Special coating is available for lead-free solder.




M2M Armature Wave Solder Machine

The armature is simply placed in the holding fixture which rotates the unit at the proper soldering angle in the wave.   Sleeves are available for all types of armatures. Our new master fixture will handle truck and diesel armatures up to 3 � inches

Special Features


Zero maintenance, explosion proof, air motor driven solder pump with no bearings in solder (80lb-1/2cfm)


One-switch operation. Armature cycles through entire
soldering procedure-automatically.



Main On-Off switch


Rotating drive motor switch 


Solder fountain heaters On-Off 


Temperature indicating precision thermostat


60-second adjustable electric timer


Oiler, filter, regulator and gauge


Speed control for solder rotation




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