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Wenesco Heated Block Systems are designed to hold different sizes and types of vials, test tubes, bottles, and other containers for effective sample incubations and evaporation.

The heater module produces uniform heat to effectively hold containers at a constant, warm temperature.

Blocks may be interchanged to mount on a single heater module.

The model shown holds 12 one-liter bottles that contain remnants of kerosene, which has to be evaporated to prevent build up of residue. The system operates under the user's exhaust system to evacuate the fumes.

The sealed, heated module chamber under the custom-made block is purged with nitrogen to create a  pressurized and inerted interior in order to prevent volatile fumes from entering the heated chamber. 

An accurate digital thermostat maintains temperature at 120C. Another redundant high- limit thermostat set at 150C is included. An accurate pressure switch shuts down the system if the nitrogen supply fails. An adjustable timer will delay start up until the chamber is fully purged.

The control box is placed 10 feet from the heated block module in a  "safe"environment.

            We will be pleased to quote a custom made heated block system around your specifications.

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