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Wenesco's Model HP10922 Portable Die Plate Preheater is based on the original PROBAG  preheater.  It is designed to quickly mount to an extruder die face prior to the extrusion process.


The plate is 11 inches (280 mm) diameter anodized aluminum, 1 inch thick.


The fully insulated  housing is made from stainless steel with perforated walls


Power: 3300 watts @ 240V, 13.75 amps The standard line cord is 60 inch (1524 mm) long.


Temperature is controlled at 550F with an adjustable analog thermostat. 


The dual floating spring mounting bolts have hand fastening knobs. These bolts are 180 degrees apart


Overall Dimensions: 14 in (355mm) diameter x 8.77 in (223mm) high, including handle and bolts.


Heavy duty handles are mounted on the top and side.


Heated presses
are used to produce:  

bullet Chalcopyrite Semiconductors: Copper Indium Gallium Selenide
bullet photovoltaic thin film solar cells
bullet flexible substrates polymer based
bullet transparent conducting oxides (TCO) TCO is indium-tin-oxide (ITO)
bullet flexible transparent conductors
bullet printing/coating ,using solution-based inks
bullet Ink-based thin film battery applications

      all of which are widely utilized in the manufacture of 

bullet OLED Displays & Lighting
bullet Touch screen devices
bullet Smart windows
bullet PV modules
bullet Thin film lithium-ion batteries


Wenesco Model H1515MHPHot Press will be used to form semi-conductors in the production of solar cells.  It is designed to deliver precise heat, cooling, and pressure between twin, parallel 15in X 15in X 1/2 in (381 X 381 X 13mm) anodized aluminum platens.  The platens are ground flat to .005 inches and are adjustable up to 1 inch apart, (Stainless steel platens are optional.)

Platen Temperatures are controlled to 400C with dual digital thermostats mounted in a single remote control cabinet.  Power required: 240VAC, 7500 W

Overall size: 16 in X 16 in X 6 in (406 X 406 X 152mm), weight: approx 50 lbs.



Wenesco Model H0909HP Hot Press is designed to deliver precise heat, cooling and pressure between twin 9in X 9in (228mm) X 2 in anodized aluminum platens.
The platens are ground flat to .005 inches.

Platen Temperatures are controlled to 400C with dual digital ramp-soak thermostats mounted in a single remote control cabinet. A pneumatic cylinder is used with a precision pressure regulator to closely control pressure from 0 to 200 PSI to the platens, (4 in max opening) (101mm).   Power required: 240VAC, 3600 W.

Overall size: 28 in X 28 in.(712mm), weight: approx 70 lbs.


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