One of Wenesco's most important product lines is Standard and Custom-made Wave Solder Pots for many commercial and industrial applications. We offer several options for varied applications, such as special nozzles, level switches, solder feeders, and nitrogen inerting. Our wave solder pots will work with standard and lead-free solder.

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Standard Wave Pots, Custom Wave Pots, and Selective Solder Wave Pots. 

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Model M4 shown with
6 x 1 in nozzle and optional nitrogen inerting covers

All Standard Models include:


Ceramic coated interior for standard or lead free alloys to 600F.
Note: temperature rating can be increased to 800F on special order.


Exterior housing is stainless steel with easy access to heaters.


Digital Thermostat displays current temperature and set point


DC solder pump with smooth wave height control.


Safety circuit prevents motor starting before solder is melted.


A nozzle.  Let us help you select the correct type.


Max Wave
in inches

Solder Capacity
in pounds


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layout drawings

M3 4 x 1 35 1000W-120 or 240V
M4 6 x 2 or 8x1 65 1500W-120 or 240V
M6 8 x 2 100 2000W- 240V
M14 15 x 2 130 2000W-240V
M3L 4 x 1 35 1000W-120 or 240V





Model M3 shown with standard remote control. and optional nitrogen inerting system. The round nozzle adapter, as shown here,is made for our quick-change nozzles..

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Model M4
shown with optional rails for circuit boards up to 10 X 24 inches    

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Model M6 shown with optional nitrogen inerting system
Note the 6 x 1 inch nozzle is placed 90 degrees to the pump

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Model M14 Wave Solder Pot with a 10"x 2" wave nozzle and an optional solder level switch that controls a solder feeder.
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Model M3L Low Profile Wave Solder Pot is designed for use with automatic soldering systems, which require minimal vertical obstruction.  It is available without temperature or wave controls.
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Gateway to foam & wave fluxers

preheaters to dry and activate flux on densely-populated, mixed- technology circuit boards

Layout and details on nitrogen Inerting systems

Solder feeders and level switches

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Custom-built Wave Solder Pots

                     For over 40 years, Wenesco has been developing wave solder pots for special applications, as well as
                     replacing out-of-stock equipment made by others, including Dee, Hollis, Treiber, New Age, and Electrovert.

This Wave Solder Pot has a  42 X 12 inch wave surface and was made to apply lead-free solder to wires as they are fed from payout reels.  Similar models were made for soldering truck radiators. 

Model M14 wave solder pot shown with slide conveyor, preheater, foam fluxer, and adjustable pallet.

This economical system is suitable for wave soldering 30-40 PCBs per hour


Selective Soldering Equipment

M3potcombo.JPG (46140 bytes)

This Selective Soldering System consists of a Model M3 Wave Solder Pot and  Model C3 Wave Fluxer.  Both are equipped with a nozzle and fixture to solder a small electrical assembly. 

"The operator first places the assembly on the fluxer and presses a foot pedal. A timer
controls the flux flow to about one second.
    "The assembly is next placed on the wave solder pot fixture and another foot pedal is activated. A timer controls the solder flow to about two seconds. The cycle is now complete and the assembly Is removed."


A special nozzle and fixture are mounted on this M4 Wave Solder Pot to solder or remove diodes from an automotive stator.  All 6 diodes are soldered in 3 seconds.


Contact Wenesco for complete specs or if you have any questions. And if you don't see what you need here, keep in mind that we specialize in supplying custom-designed pots with special nozzles, tooling, and instrumentation.
  Just tell us your specs and request a quote.


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