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This equipment is designed for moderate production levels of selective soldering of leaded components such as PCBs and other assemblies.   When using the WENESCO system, dross-free solder is applied through an array of nozzles that correspond to the pin patterns of leaded components.

Solder is applied only to the local area so as not to affect adjacent parts. Special tooling precisely aligns the PCB to the nozzles.

selectdiagramB.GIF (68347 bytes)

Above, cut-away section of a mixed technology PCB, shown over selective solder nozzles.
The nozzles match the PCB component layout. (Patented)

selectdiagramB2.GIF (8262 bytes)

Above, cut-away section of a PCB with thruhole components soldered on both sides of the board.   
Side one is wave soldered, side two is selectively soldered.

M50.jpg (12922 bytes)

Model M50 Solder Pot  above shown with available Selective Wave Fluxer.
This unit can handle all types of electrical assemblies up to 6" x 6"

m60b.GIF (77142 bytes)

DUAL STATION SELECTIVE SOLDERING SYSTEM shown with a preheater at the left hand station and a wave solder pot on the right.

The left hand station may be equipped with any selective wave fluxer, or torrid air preheater.  The right hand station can be any wave solder pot.  The solder pot, fluxer, and preheater are equipped with nozzles and fixturing made to solder selected components on your PCB.

The operator places the PCB into a dedicated pallet (or directly) onto the left hand station where it is fluxed or preheated. A timer signals the operator at the end of the cycle.  The pallet is now placed on the solder pot. The solder pump timer is actuated and the operation is completed.

FOR SMALLER POTS that can be used for Selective Soldering, please visit these other pages:  Wave Solder Pots and Wave Rework.

Diagram of a typical complete system.

p4.jpg (6637 bytes) MODEL M62 -- the next leap In innovation. Now you can manage every aspect of the soldering process with the advantage of  computer control. Create and store soldering programs that are customized to each product specification and available at the touch of a button. Wenesco's Computerized Control Center allows precise, selective control of all soldering parameters from your computer screen in an easy-to-use Windows graphical environment.


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